Bobby Kim – Stranger (이방인) FMV (Doctor Stranger OST)[ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul] | doctor stanger | ทรงผมที่สวยที่สุด

Bobby Kim – Stranger (이방인) FMV (Doctor Stranger OST)[ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul]|ทรงผมที่สวยที่สุด.



แลกเปลี่ยนที่เกี่ยวข้องกับบทความ doctor stanger

CR: EngSub: POP! GASA Hangul: music.daum Rom: thelapan.

รูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้องกับเรื่อง Bobby Kim – Stranger (이방인) FMV (Doctor Stranger OST)[ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul].

Bobby Kim - Stranger (이방인) FMV (Doctor Stranger OST)[ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul]
Bobby Kim – Stranger (이방인) FMV (Doctor Stranger OST)[ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul]

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คำหลักเกี่ยวข้องกับเนื้อหาdoctor stanger.

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Bobby Kim – Stranger (이방인) FMV (Doctor Stranger OST)[ENGSUB + Romanization + Hangul]

doctor stanger.

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  1. ااااوه ايام الجمـــال زمــــان غيـــر هسه ماكو طعم ب اي شي حتئ بالاغاني والمسلسلات ولا الافلام 2021..

  2. I don't know the launguage, but the song is sooo fab that I always leasen really I feel like I'm in the heaven….. The music sooo good… Lv it….
    Park hoon and Jae hee is the best character in this drama ❤️❤️

  3. This drama focused more on politics stuff so maybe that's why we didn't really got Jae Hee's background story and how her love for Hoon got deeper

  4. I know not a single word….. Donno it's reasonable enuf but my mind , my head my heart all jz fall for this song…. Tonnes of love from NE India…… if Anyone happens to listen to this masterpiece song , 2021…. Lemme know…. To assure myself I m not alone.

  5. Some fans didn't realize that Jaehee has sacrificed a lot and she is one of the characters who get through a lot of painful things. She had to pretend she didn't love the man that actually she loved so much. And she almost lets go of the man she loves after thinking she has hurt the man she loves a lot.

    Jaehee and Park Hoon deserve happy life together in the end..

  6. This is an amazing DRAMA ever. Park Hoon really loves Jaehee, and vice versa. Some people misunderstood Jaehee's character, thinking that Jaehee hurt Park Hoon. That's clearly not true.

    Park Hoon and Jaehee's love story is so tragic, too much pain, they make sacrifices to each other, wanting to make their loved ones happy, even at the expense of themselves.

    Imagine the feelings of Park Hoon who is trapped in North Korea with his father, that is one of the tragic stories in Park Hoon's life. But in North Korea, Park Hoon gets strength from the figure of Jaehee. That's why Park Hoon will never be able to let Jaehee go. Jaehee will not be replaced in Park Hoon's life.

    Jaehee and Park Hoon deserve to be together until the end.

    I also like Character Sohyun. I like how Sohyun defended Park Hoon. I like Sohyun and Park Hoon as a close friends only.

    Considering what Sohyun's father did to Park Hoon's and Park Hoon's father's life, it's definitely not an easy thing to fall in love with Sohyun as soulmate. Jaejoon deserve one he loves too, and Sohyun realize that she still love Jaejoon. They have their justice.

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