Doctor Strange – Movie Review | doctor strange รีวิว | ทรงผมที่สวยที่สุด

Doctor Strange – Movie Review|ทรงผมที่สวยที่สุด.

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Doctor Strange - Movie Review
Doctor Strange – Movie Review

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Doctor Strange – Movie Review

doctor strange รีวิว.

24 thoughts on “Doctor Strange – Movie Review | doctor strange รีวิว | ทรงผมที่สวยที่สุด”

  1. I feel like Mads Mikkelson was kind of wasted on a character like the one he played here I think he could have played a villain that was way better suited to his talent

  2. Coming back years later, I frown when I hear "not one of the best, not one of the worst. It's not as good as Civil War or Deadpool".

    Civil War was great entertainment, and especially the final battle between Iron Man and Captain America, but mostly a display of cool characters doing cool stuff without any purpose; all in a contrived plot for a forced conflict with zero stakes in it, because no super star was gonna hurt any other super star (Oh, no, War Machine won't walk for a few minutes of runtime… That's the best they could come up with without damaging their own brand).

    Deadpool was just pure fun; well made action with funny jokes and no pretensions of greatness.

    In comparison Doctor Strange was spectacular (even if drawing heavily from Inception), well structured, fun and with heart, and it stands on its own while still fitting and setting up new plotlines in the MCU. I would go as far as to say it's the best movie of the three.

  3. I rewatched Doctor Strange today, I gotta say its one of the top 5 Marvel origin movies for me. Great visuals, acting, dialogue, pace, and plot!!!

  4. Frankly, I think the movie was shit. I don't care about visual effects; there are two things I care about in any story — be it a movie, a book, a theatrical performance or anything else: plot and characters. And both sucked, big time.

  5. *Sucked ass. Red-bald was just awkward and normally I love her and they made Hannibal look like half a f*g- especially with the goofy ass running. Effects were okay but yeah, nah.👎👎👎


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