Doctor Stranger || Quack Couple | docter stranger | ทรงผมที่สวยที่สุด

Doctor Stranger || Quack Couple|ทรงผมที่สวยที่สุด.


สามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์เพิ่มเติมได้ที่นี่: อ่านเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับข้อมูลล่าสุดที่นี่

ที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อ docter stranger

พระเจ้าช่วย ฉันไม่เคยคิดว่าวิดีโอนี้จะมีคนดูมากกว่า 1 ล้านครั้ง! ขอบคุณมาก!!! ฉันสร้างวิดีโอเวอร์ชันใหม่แล้ว โปรดตรวจสอบ!

รูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อ Doctor Stranger || Quack Couple.

Doctor Stranger || Quack Couple
Doctor Stranger || Quack Couple

>>เราเราหวังว่าข้อมูลนี้จะมีคุณค่าอย่างยิ่งสำหรับคุณ ขอบคุณมากที่รับชม.

คำหลักเกี่ยวข้องกับบทความdocter stranger.

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Doctor Stranger || Quack Couple

docter stranger.

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  1. Guys i cant believe you all.. the main girl went through hell, they were lovers from the age of 10. Then they both lost a lot and the girl was tortured for years. She was forced to do things. And he waited and searched for her for years. This isnt just some hospital rom-com!! the lead cant just choose this random woman who has been through zero hardships. They could never match on a deep emotional level they were literally from different worlds and backgrounds. He acts cute and all but inside he has a lot of pain and this woman can never understand him. You need to get your priorities straight. You only don't like the female lead because she wasn't "fun" or "cute". How fun would you be after the tortures and losing the love of your life?? The lead was a good person this girl just had more screen time.

  2. Dude I'm very disappointed with this drama I want second lead girl with boy bcz she deserved it their chemistry is more better than first lead girl I mean I'm frustrated that's wrong

  3. I hope there's a season 2 for this drama since in the last episode dr mun still carry park hun name in his locker and never remove it. I wish dr oh and dr park will end up together if they created season 2 since many viewer was so dissapointed

  4. QUACK couple, i want them to be the end game. i like the stories of their lives and how they get closer and closer as time goes by.

  5. saw it back in 2014, was 16 yrs old then and watched it later again as an adult and here's what I concluded.

    Well this drama is wayy more complex than it ever seems. Having watched the drama quite a few times I always felt that what Dr. Oh felt for Dr. Park was definitely true, genuine, unconditional love. But I'm sorry if it hurts you but what Dr. Park felt for jae hee felt something like a promise to keep, a burden to Carry. Yes he lived her, but that came somewhere from a sense of guilt. No doubt jae hee is a clever and nice character but Dr. Oh is the most realistic one out here. Not a character that ends up well, gets over heartbreaks in a day, a character that breaks down, is jealous in the meaning of jealous not the cutesy stuff, is sad, and doesn't get the person she loves. That's reality you might not end up with the person u love. Also I feel Dr. Park was definitely a gr8 doctor but kinda stupid at some points. I agree he missed jae hee a lot, but his character made me feel that he did realize it came frm a sense of guilt. I'll say that the friendship he has with Dr. Oh was remarkable, maybe a romantic relationship could ruin that, but I don't think it would. I personally would love to say that Dr. Park probably would be happier and live a better life if he ended up with Dr. Oh. Because there's no guilt, no shame, no regret for anything. I think they'd age well, fearlessly,. Somehow a relationship with jae her would scar Dr. Park, he'd be scared to lose her, he'd be overprotective, the relationship probably won't be as happy as we think it could be.

    There's a life beyond the happy ending, and if u look at that, probably Dr. Oh was a better person

  6. This was the first drama I ever really cried my heart out on, as much as I understand why jae hee and park ended up together my heart still aches for Dr. Oh and Dr. Han., both of them, they are amazing characters but they didn't deserve the ending they got, a relationship once broken can't be joined back, even if it is, the crack remains

  7. Now,
    I just don't want to watch the drama further if they are not getting together
    I just started to like her character and their interaction

  8. Everyone want to ship second female lead. I admit it , chemistry is better but main lead has gone through so much in their period that it takes as unbreakable bond between them. And everyone in Thier heart knows that.
    So I will ship main
    Some says main was forced but try to understand from story perspective

  9. I wish so hard that lee jong suk somehow end up pairing with her….that would be perfect
    Till end i wish somehow….but such a disappointment😏

  10. Sampe sekarang masih sakit hati, kenapa dr. Oh bisa jadi second lead disini, padahal menurutku dia lebih menguasai layar dibanding jae-hui sendiri. Lead female punya kemistri kok cuma kalah sama kehadiran second lead female. Gondok gua kenapa penempatan karakternya kekgitu ahhh kezel💔💔💔

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