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Snoopy x Skinfood Propolis Nourishing Lip Oil

Snoopy x Skinfood Propolis Nourishing Lip Oil is a new limited edition lip oil treatment that launched with the Snoopy x Skinfood Collection in Korea. Unlike the newly launched Milani Moisture Lock Lip Treatments that launched with the Milani Spring 2016 Collection you’ll actually experience some great benefits from the Snoopy x Skinfood Propolis Nourishing Lip Oil!

But there is one quirk!

Snoopy x Skinfood Propolis Nourishing Lip Oil is available in two clear shade selections. I personally only have one which applies clear so I’m unsure of the pink tinted version applies that shade on lips.

Of course, part of the appeal of this lip oil is the packaging! To celebrate the return of the Peanuts gang, Skinfood releases a very cute collection in Korean that features Snoopy, Woodstock, and the entire Peanuts gang in a variety of products for your lips, face, and skin! You might have already read my review on the Snoopy x Skinfood Royal Honey Good Moisturizing Cream and are now intimately acquainted with this cutesy collection! This lip oil shows Snoopy sitting in a honey pot which is odd because one thinks of Winnie the Pooh after seeing it…! But yeah, there he is all happy in a honey pot. It also has a rather huge sponge applicator shaped like a honey dipper. It kinda reminds me of the Skinfood Honey Pot Lip Balm in some ways.

Snoopy Skinfood Propolis Nourishing Lip Oil

Propolis is actually a common ingredient in lip balms and apparently prevent lips from cracking. It’s actually a weird brown substance honeybees collect from buds that they use to repair honeycombs. Think of it as a sealant of sorts. Skinfood actually has an entire range of Propolis Skincare.

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This is a rather squat little barrel and I’m unsure how much it holds but like Milani’s Moisture Lock Lip Treatment it suffers from an applicator issue. The applicator saturates very nicely with product but once removed you’ll notice there is less than half of the lip treatment in the barrel as most of it is on the applicator. Once the applicator is replaced obviously the lip treatment levels rise BUT…after a single use nearly a 3rd of my lip oil is gone so this one goes very, very quickly.

Skinfood Propolis Nourishing Lip Oil

Snoopy x Skinfood Propolis Nourishing Lip Oil swatches

I love this stuff! It provides a nice shine on lips plus plenty of moisture and it has a very soothing effect on my dry, chapped lips. My lips feel very hydrated wearing it and very soft well after it wears away. I can get about three hours of shine from it before it fades but even after it fades the effects are still be had as my lips feel super soft. Sadly, it’s not something I’d consider wearing to bed as although a lip treatment it’ll be messy to wear to sleep. It does in fact seem to have some healing benefits as after using it my chapped lips feel relief.

This is the formula I wished for with the Milani Moisture Lock Lip Treatments!

Snoopy x Skinfood Propolis Nourishing Lip Oil fotd

The Snoopy x Skinfood Propolis Nourishing Lip Oil is not only cute but provides great shine and a very comfortable and soothing lip treatment that makes lips feel great!

Snoopy x Skinfood Propolis Nourishing Lip Oil and most of the Snoopy x Skinfood Collection can be found from a variety of ebay.com sellers.

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Muse Approved.


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I tried the SKINFOOD BLACK SUGAR MASK for ONE WEEK! || FULL REVIEW looks like ????

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[TAK GET BOO] รีวิว : Black sugar mask wash off ของ Skinfood

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